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Sukhy Parhar


Not a professional by any stretch of the imagination - I just take pics of things I like!

My current set up is with a Sony A3000 body and a selection of lenses.

My most recent Instagram posts are displayed below (some were taken with my iPhone!)


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I have been doing stand up for almost a year now.

I have two main sets - one on queer culture, and one on transitioning.

I'm happy to perform wherever, with enough notice! If you want to book me, fill in the contact section below.

How do you turn on a Socialist in bed?

I’m just the same as any other girl.

Whisper sweet nothings in my ear, like

“Hey comrade... let’s overturn THIS system!”


I use poetry as my primary creative outlet.

My debut poetry collection - Poetry for Punks - will debut at the Glasgow Zine Fest in April 2019.

Copies will be available in local independent and queer bookstores - click the previews to enlarge.

Outer Cover Contents Love in the Age of Solitude All Lives Matter Homage to Pushkin Tick Tock Keep Going Pride Sproglet Back Cover

HMU if you find all three Easter Eggs!!!

You can alternatively purchase a copy here for £6, with £2.99 P&P (UK only)

If you want multiple copies, or live outside the UK, message me via the contact section.


I created the Transition Diaries project in Autumn 2017, shortly after coming out as transgender.

The idea of this project was to publish a weekly video, documenting my thoughts, feelings, and banalities of my everyday life.

Unfortunately, I had to mothball the project over New Year 2018, due to a deterioration in my mental health.

The videos are available here:

I also recorded a podcast on Transgender Faces for the Human Faces website

About Me

Mixed race, non binary transfemme, divorced, pansexual, polyamorous, pagan parent.

Often angry, occasionally crippled by depression, always fighting systemic oppression.


2017: MFDS - Royal College of Surgeons Ireland

2015: BDS(Hons) - University of Glasgow

2010: MRCS - Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow

2008: MBBS - Hull York Medical School

Currently enrolled on MSc Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy - Glasgow School of Art


2014: Institute of Medical Ethics – Competitive Institutional Grant secured for University of Glasgow symposium ‘Social Media – Post it, pin it, tweet it like a pro’

2014: £900 of sponsorship from Wesleyan, RCPSG, DDU, and Dental Protection secured for ‘Social Media – Post it, pin it, tweet it like a pro’

2013-15: Sponsorship of circa £500 per annum for Glasgow Dental Undergraduate Journal Club from MDDUS, RCPSG, DDU, Dental Protection, and Wesleyan


July 2019 - Group Exhibition - Hu(man) Nature - Tenement House, Glasgow

June 2019 - Group Exhibition - Hopelessly Devoted - Garment Factory, Glasgow

March 2019 - Group Exhibition with GSA POC Collective - Transmission Gallery, Glasgow

November 2018 - Group Exhibition with GSA POC Collective - 16 Nicholson Street, Glasgow

Live Performances

13th July 2019 - Sockelalarm, Put Put Put collective, Mainz, Germany - Poetry

5th June 2019 - Surrounds, The Art School, Glasgow - Poetry

18th May 2019 - GAS Herbal Unity Fundraiser, Glasgow Autonomous Space - Poetry

30th March 2019 - Drag Me To Brexit, The Pond, Edinburgh - Poetry

24th February 2019 - Sun (Ubiquitous Authority), Glasgow Autonomous Space - Poetry

20th February 2019 - Stories with Sukhy, The Vic Bar, Glasgow - Compere and stand-up comedy


Glasgow School of Art First Year Fashion Show - May 2019

Another Man Magazine December 2018 - Flint James McDonald Graduate Collection (Son of a Tinker) - Photography by Furmaan Ahmed and Vasso Vu

Attitude Magazine August 2018 - Photography by Tiu Makkonen

Events Organised

JTG of BAOMS Annual Conference (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, 9-10/1/2016) - lead organiser

JTG of BAOMS Annual Conference (Baltic Flour Mill, Gateshead, 19-20/9/2014) - assistant organiser

‘Social Media – Post it, pin it, tweet it like a pro’ (Glasgow University – 19/3/2014) - lead organiser

Presentations and Lectures


2015: 25th Congress of the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry (Glasgow): Impact of a Preventive Clinic on General Anaesthetic requirements for Dental Extractions in children with cleft lip/palate (oral)

2014: 9th International Head & Neck Cancer Quality of Life Conference (Liverpool): Multidisciplinary team perspectives on the quality of life of head and neck cancer patients at two years (poster)


2018: GLADD Student Series (London):Transitioning within the NHS (paid invited guest lecture)

2015: BSODR Annual Scientific Meeting (Cardiff): Multidisciplinary team perspectives on the quality of life of head and neck cancer patients at two years (oral)

2015: Developing Excellence in Medical Education Conference (Manchester): Does participation in an undergraduate journal club make dental students more knowledgeable and confident in practising evidence-based dentistry? (poster)

2015: Developing Excellence in Medical Education Conference (Manchester): Social Media – teaching students to post it like a pro. (poster)

Roles and Responsibilities

LGBT association of Doctors and Dentists - Webmaster (2018)

BAOMS – Junior Trainee Group Communications Officer (2013-16)

Glasgow Dental Undergraduate Journal Club – Founder and Previous Chair (2013-15)

Contact Me

Fill in the form if you want to get in touch, want to book me for a performance or photoshoot, or just want to collab and bounce about some ideas! I'm also available for tarot readings and runecastings.



E-mail address:

Mobile number: